How to activate Windows 10 Pro? Follow these easy steps

Most of the top-range laptops or notebooks lately accompany the Windows 10 OS preinstalled.

However, if you’ve built your own Computer with a new graphics card and processor or have updated your computer for fast speed, or bought a computer with a different operating system, you would possibly want to put in and activate Windows 10 Pro.

When you want to go for activation of the Windows 10 Pro OS is often done either by activating the merchandise key again if done so earlier. just in case you activated the Windows 10 license linking it to your Microsoft account, activation on an equivalent device is often done easily with the digital license.

Buy Windows 10 Pro Key
Windows 10 Pro Key

If you wanted to buy a lifetime valid digital windows 10 pro product key you can grab it here. And when you buy with you can have an additional key to upgrade from windows 10 home to windows 10 pro.

There is no feature difference between a merchandise key or a digital product activation key.

Follow the straightforward steps below to activate Windows 10 Pro, either by the merchandise key or by entering the digital license.

Step 1:

For installation of Windows 10 Pro, enter your product license key.

Step 2:

Press the Windows key, go to Settings > Update and Security > Activation.

Step 3:

Press the Change Product key.

Step 4:

Enter your product key into pop-up box and press Next.

Step 5:

Press Activate.

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